Boston Terrier Club Of Louisiana, Inc Founded in 1954
Boston Terrier Club Of Louisiana, Inc Founded in 1954

Breeder Referral

On occasion, members of the Boston Terrier Club of Louisiana may have puppies available.

Please contact : Tina Starr for referrals.


It is important to know that BTCLA, Inc will refer to it own club members first and then to members of our sister clubs. Referrals will be made only to breeders who have the same breeding ethics as our club members. It is the responsibility of the party looking to purchase a puppy to ask important questions to the breeder.

For Example:

1. Are the Sire and Dam up to date on their health testing as recommended by the Boston Terrier CLub of America?

2. Will hard copies of the health testing results be furnished?

3. Are the sire and Dam on site with the puppies. ( This is not always so with the Sire, but the Dam should be on the premesis)

4. Are the puppies raised in the home of the breeder

5. AKC registration status of the puppies.



BTCLA, INC will NEVER under any circumstance refer to a breeder that deals in Off Colored Boston Terriers. The acceptable colors for Boston Terriers are Black, Seal or Brindle with the required white markings. Blues, creams, fawns, reds, lilacs, with or with out brindling are DISQUALIFYING colors per the breed standard.





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